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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the 'Chemistry of Dating' series.

FAQ 1: This sounds interesting, but I don't have a lot of spare cash right now. Can I just come next time?

ANSWER: It's hard to put a value on self-improvement and being in a happy, romantic relationship for the rest of your life. However, bad relationships can definitely cost a lot, not just financially but in terms of heartache, wasted time, and missed opportunities in other relationships--after all, we are not getting any younger :) While we have spent hundreds of hours in research to develop this program, plus thousands of dollars in training, we have kept our early bird rates as low as we can --bear in mind that one hour of therapy with a specialist can cost an average of $100. We also offer a money-back guarantee (with some restrictions) for additional peace of mind. 

FAQ 2: Do I have to be single to attend?

ANSWER: The 'Chemistry of Dating' series is designed to prepare you for the best relationship possible. Whether you are single, dating or engaged, you will learn things applicable for whatever stage you are in. If you are dating or engaged, it is great if both partners can attend. However, even if only one party can be present, it will still be very beneficial to that person and to the relationship as a whole.

FAQ 3: Do I have a choice of facilitator for the small group sessions?

ANSWER: There will be several facilitators for each small group session, so feel free to choose a group that works best for you. 

FAQ 4: I attended the 'Chemistry of Dating' before and it was great! Are the upcoming programs the same, and is it worth attending again?

ANSWER: While we will be tweaking the series slightly, the general syllabus will be very similar. However, with every new cohort of participants, the direction of the discussions could be quite different, and there will always be new things to learn from each other, not to mention new friends to be made :) Alumni also currently enjoy a 50% discount!


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